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Synamedia PowerVu Professional Receiver

The Synamedia PowerVu Professional Receiver is the most versatile receiver designed offering hardware configurability and Over The Air (OTA) licensing that allows content providers to customize the product to support the gamut of their applications.

Synamedia Digital Content Manager (DCM)

The Synamedia Digital Content Manager (DCM) represents a new generation of virtualized and software-centric video processing, providing advanced video, audio, and metadata processing for live multiformat video delivery. It enables broadcasters, content providers, and service providers to deliver best-in-class viewing experiences while meeting their service requirements for premium picture quality, bandwidth efficiency, and multiscreen transcoding.

Credentials Sharing Insight

Credentials sharing has evolved from being a casual pastime to an established industry threat, as online and social platforms enable sharing at scale and often involve a financial arrangement. Synamedia’s Credentials Sharing Insight tool applies behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect sharers. Instead of planning out the detection process, our solution leverages OTT data and uses machine learning models to establish a baseline of honest and normal behavior for a given population, peer- group, or individual user.

Synamedia Streaming Piracy Disruption

Synamedia Streaming Piracy Disruption (SPD) is a managed service that detects and disrupts piracy leaks across your broadcast and OTT services. The end-to- end, customizable solution handles video redistributed from either your broadcast set-top boxes (STBs) or your OTT service clients. SPD also enables you to identify which of your distribution affiliates is being used as a source for illegal streams.

Synamedia Cloud DVR

With Synamedia’s Cloud DVR, your customers can utilize pause-live, start-over, and catch-up TV, while enjoying virtually unlimited storage and simultaneous recording capabilities. Your business can grab a big slice of the market, while leveraging new recording and storage business models and maintaining full copyright compliance.

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Our Whitepapers

How to Deliver a Live OTT Video Service that Matches Broadcast

This paper explains the challenges and proposes solutions for replacing traditional live broadcast with OTT video delivery.

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Video Quality for Live Adaptive Bit-Rate Streaming

This white paper explains how to achieve consistent and efficient video quality with live adaptive bit-rate streaming.

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The Converged Broadcast / Broadband Headend

This white paper explains how a true converged broadcast/broadband headend enables pay TV operators to retain and grow

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ATSC 3.0 Next-Generation TV for Programmers and TV Networks

This white paper explains how ATSC broadcasters can swiftly migrate to ATSC 3.0 with our Terrestrial Broadcast Solution.

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