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VQ Decoder Validation Kit

VQ Decoder Validation Kit (DVK) is a powerful validation environment for VVC, AV1, VP9 and HEVC decoders, transcoders, players, and streaming solutions. Carefully structured streams to be as compact as possible save weeks, potentially months of work of time needed for validation and ship quality, reliable decoders for improved competitiveness reducing your time-to-market. Additionally provided highly customizable generators allows validation engineers and media developers the ability to generate their own streams, which can be advantageous if they want to test, for example, specific resolution combinations on a regular basis.

VQ Ad Content Detector

VQ Ad Content Detector is Machine Learning Type of Content Detection for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) in the absence of SCTE-35/104 tags

VQ HLS Cloud Monitor

VQ HLS Cloud Monitor is a web service for online OTT monitoring. It provides the ability to monitor any OTT streaming service worldwide by continuous monitoring the quality of stream at variety places around the world. HLS Cloud Monitor allows to analyze and check different kind of metrics and statistics in 24/7 mode. It also provides comprehensive information about errors according to streaming stadards such as RFC 8216 (HTTP Live Streaming) and HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices

VQ Video Codec Analyzer

VQ Video Codec Analyzer (VCA) helps codec developers and validation engineers reduce the time and costs developing next-generation high-quality and efficient video decoders and encoders. Easy to use with advanced features, tool allows to inspect each step of the encode/decode process visually and numerically. VCA supports all major profiles of VVC, AV1, HEVC, VP9, MPEG-2, AVC and wide variety of video elementary stream and container formats.

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