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The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is the tight integration of four crucial elements that enable broadcast-quality live video workflows to be intelligently and centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored using software and integrated devices, regardless of the underlying network infrastructure. The four elements to the Zixi SDVP are: ZEN Master, Video Solutions Stack, Protocols, and the Zixi Enabled Network. ZEN Master – Zixi provides control over large complex networks with ZEN Master, our Live Video Orchestration and Telemetry Control Plane. This cloud-based interface provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, manage and monitor live broadcast channels at scale and across industry protocols. Video Solutions Stack – The Zixi Video Solutions Stack provides essential software tools and core media processing functions that enable broadcasters to transport live video over any IP network, correcting for packet loss and jitter. Zixi’s software algorithms optimize the streams between the Zixi Feeders, Zixi Broadcaster and Zixi Receivers and work in concert to deliver live video over IP and hybrid IP networks. Protocols – Zixi provides an industry-leading congestion and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs error correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP. The Zixi SDVP accepts 15 industry protocols: Zixi, RIST, MPEG-TS over UDP, RTP, RTP+FEC, UDP, MMT, HLS, CMAF Low Latency HLS, DASH, RTMP, SRT, Multipath TCP, TCP BBR and RTSP Zixi Enabled Network - Zixi’s global network of 150+ integrated technology and service provider partners, allows our customers to leverage the largest global ecosystem for live video. It is these four components of the Zixi SDVP working together that leads to superior, video distribution over IP for our customers.

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