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Awarded Best Video Player/SDK Solution in the last three years, THEOplayer is the fully HTML5 Universal Video Player, supporting every platform and device via a set of different SDKs. We deliver the most performant video playback technology: superior viewer experience in terms of latency, start-up time, seeking time, etc. and the most advanced feature set and functionalities. Our best-of-breed approach with a stable and constantly updated integration framework facilitates the player deployment in the ecosystem of the media companies. THEO Technologies pushes to deliver high-quality video experiences cross platforms. After revolutionising the video player industry by bringing the power of HTML5 streaming, and simplifying playback, they expanded to deliver the true universal video experience with THEOplayer. With strong focusses on user experience, performance and cross platform compatibility, THEOplayer brings with its universal player a simpler and uniform experience to all screen sizes and devices.
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