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Online TV / Radio / Video Recording You want to record TV channels, radio stations, IP video streams of your choice, analyze, recognize and extract video content, create and upload video clips easily? You want to use a modern technology combined with customer-friendly, intuitive operation, which depends on your workflow? Our XENTAURIX Cloud Service offers online broadcast recording, transmission verification, monitoring, search engine, video clipping, analysis and detection of video content in a single platform.

TV Audience Analytics

TV Audience Analytics XentauriX Media Monitoring contains effective tools for watching and analyzing of medial activities in TV and Radio

Video evidence and activity recording

Audiovisual platform for universities, institutions and commercial companies to store and spread education & learning content

TV / Radio / Media Compliance Recording

State-of-the-art Logger System for TV / Radio Broadcast stations, agencies, editorial offices and media merchants to monitor, record and analyze broadcast media content

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