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About us

AlphaOTT has a mission to help small and medium operators make the leap from traditional cable TV to IPTV and OTT. With its software and hardware solutions, users will be ready to bring secure, customised television, film and video content fit for the 21st century to clients in no time, no matter who you are.


AlphaOTT CORE IPTV Middleware
CORE IPTV Middleware is a carrier-grade backbone software that allows you to operate, manage and grow your OTT / IPTV business. We suggest you take full control of all key aspects of your OTT / IPTV service: 360° view and control of users and content data. We provide you with a wide range of next-level features, including full management (product, infrastructure, subscriber, content, reseller, etc.), a number of analytic tools, and custom API integrations. AlphaOTT offers you flexible deployment options and reduced time to market the product through bundled modules.
AlphaOTT provides a carrier-grade software suite that includes customized development of white-label applications for Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand for more than 16 Web, Mob and TV platforms. We can wrap our apps with your styling and branding to provide a seamless experience for your users. Your brand, your experience straight to your users’ favorite devices. We provide you with an intuitive AI-powered interface, flexible customization, a guaranteed smooth publishing process, and rapid app launch. Deliver to your users an extraordinary, seamless experience by extending your reach across multiple devices with FRONT Apps by AlphaOTT!
Content protection is critical nowadays. Therefore AlphaOTT offers a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Anti-Fraud solution to secure your content. DRM support is available for all applications. We use only advanced technologies, such as multiple-level end-to-end security. Thanks to the modular system, you can choose from a range of security options to suit your needs. It’s all about freedom and easy operation. What tasks can be solved if you use AlphaOTT Secure? You can block unauthorized subscribers to access applications and streams OR limit video streaming access and concurrent views. You are also able to detect unauthorized subscribers with cloned mac, API, and token, etc. and protect your stream with Widevine, Fairplay, and PlayReady DRM Solution.
CDN (Content Delivery Network). Our blazing fast CDN solutions provide unlimited scalability with Cloud and Local solutions. AlphaOTT CDN includes an extended network of servers throughout the world, with the sole purpose of serving your content to your userbase as fast as possible irrespective of location. Our network allows you to scale at your pace always prepared to handle even the most demanding OTT / IPTV services. By choosing us, your content will always reach your userbase at top speed.